Welcome to Flex Physical Therapy. We offer exceptional expertise, care and attention in the heart of Manhattan.

Our priority is you. We provide accurate diagnosis and one-of-a-kind, individualized treatment plans.

  • Offering rehabilitation, health, and wellness in the heart of Manhattan where exceptional care, expertise, and individualized attention are guaranteed. Results are decreased pain, increased strength and flexibility, and improved function. We bend to your needs so you can bounce back.

  • We expertly treat the whole person to ensure accurate diagnosis and care. One-of-a-kind treatment plans are designed and implemented. If your needs change, so do our plans. It's all in the name Flex…we happily adapt to you.

  • Feel confident your hands are in ours. Specialized training in the treatment of hands by our Certified Hand Therapists ensures expert care to reduce pain, increase strength and dexterity, and improve range of motion and function. Our occupational therapy and splinting programs are hands down the best.