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Andrea W.

I have been seeing Lauralee for nearly 6 months and I can not say enough great things about her and the staff. I had surgery on my rotator cuff and have a fractured shoulder and elbow. Not only does Lauralee work the muscles soooo well and is incredibly knowledgeable but she also makes coming 3 days a week a pleasure. Since summer vacation began I have had to tote around my 4 year old daughter and she is downright obsessed with Lauralee. The whole office has been a dream.

Julia L.

I rarely give 5 stars or even bother writing, but I want people who need PT to come here or the other location. My daughter in HS (torn ACL and meniscus) is doing so well thanks to the amazing therapists. They were very motivating, excellent in their field (I've been to a bunch of PT's myself) and she's doing very well as her surgeon from HSS said, and he partially credits her PT (as well as his surgery). Flex is really clean, modern and has a first floor entrance --an extra plus when one has walking issues. Uptown one is between Broadway and West End so taxis are very easy to get which is also important.

Jennifer L.

Had an amazing experience at Flex PT with Lauralee. As a PT myself I was a bit nervous when I ended up needing physical therapy for an ankle injury since so have high expectations. I found Flex through a colleague from graduate school and they met all of my expectations. Each session is 30 minutes 1:1 with the physical therapist, which is amazing since many places will pass the patient off to an assistant or an aide after only 10 minutes. Lauralee was incredibly knowledgeable and took everything into account, from my physical injury to my job situation and my desire to get back to running and cycling, when putting together my plan. I highly recommend Flex and especially Lauralee.

Jason O.

When I first arrived to Flex I was in a boot for 8 weeks and couldn't walk without pain. I felt as if I would never walk pain free again. My physical therapist Lauralee assured me if I stuck with her I would get better. It was a lot of ups and downs and hard work but she helped me every step of the way. I can now say I have been walking pain free for over a month and couldn't had done it without her and the staff at Flex. This place is a no-brainer if you're recovering from a serious injury or need help with pain management.

Prudence H.

I worked with with Ariella for several months on pelvic floor PT She's very knowledgeable and she helped me improve my condition so much. She is also very nice and she has great energy. I highly recommend her.

Mark L.

I can't say enough good things about this team. I went in with a shoulder injury. I was hoping to avoid surgery and they helped me recover. They are not only a pleasure to work for, but are knowledgeable and helpful. FYI.... Like all good places, they are super busy, schedule everything ahead.